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Vision, Mission, Values and Social Objectives


To empower women and children to live safe, abuse-free lives.


A world where domestic and sexual violence abuse, violence against women and girls are no longer tolerated.


• Passion

• Empowerment

• Trust

Social Objectives

• To Increase the safety of women and children at risk of and suffering domestic and sexual violence and abuse

• To empower women and children who have suffered domestic and sexual violence/and abuse to:

• Have choices and understand their rights.

• Improve their physical and mental wellbeing

• Build confidence, self-worth, skills and independence

• To raise the aspirations of women and children.

• To ensure that women and children impacted by domestic and sexual violence and abuse are given a voice in our communities.

• To increase knowledge and awareness in our communities of the impacts of domestic and sexual violence and abuse, and of Violence Against Women and Girls.

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